Fleet management
Manage and track every vehicle in your fleet with accuracy and precision.

Everything in one place

Stop relying on multiple spreadsheets and piles of paperwork to manage your fleet. Our simple fleet management system gives you quick access to your fleet data whenever you need it.

Real time GPS tracking

Track all your vehicles in real time and receive geo-fence alerts once a vehicle goes outside allowed zones.

Simplify fuel data collection

Log data and upload receipts instantly. With our smart analytics tool you can even view stats of how each of your vehicles uses fuel per month.

Improve driving safety

Understand driving behavior of your fleet to help reduce risk and liability and improve safe driving conditions.

Reduce vehicle wear and tear

Erratic driving can wreak havoc on vehicle parts and cause them to breakdown faster. With improved driving habits, you can extend the length of time between maintenance service needs.

Make strategic fleet decisions

Leverage predictive tools and comprehensive reports to evaluate your fleet's performance and make well-informed improvements.

Powerful features to help optimize your fleets


Evaluate fleet operations and costs with smart analytics

Data visibility is key for surfacing actionable insight that keeps everyone in your fleet informed. From excel reports to time logging, on the road and in the shop, team members have access to the information they need to keep the fleet running at optimal speed.

  • All operating cost data in one place
  • Identify & manage exceptions
  • Track vehicle reliability & durability

We are Very Affordable too

Our prices depend on how large your fleet is, ...


Rwf 10,000 /mo per vehicle

This package works well for large enterprises who have a dedicated logistics team that will run and operate the system.


Rwf 15,000 /mo per vehicle

This package offers you the comfort of a full dispatch and fleet management system without the hustle of having managers operate it. We take care of data entry and system follow up and we send to you weekly reports of how everything is operating.

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